Incident Summary: MetCom toned out a response for a fire alarm at the Copper Terrace apartments building C. In less than 2 minutes, MetCom upgrades the call to a confirmed multifamily structure fire with parties trapped in building D, based on 911 calls. While responding, TW35 states they see the fire from Station 35 and request a second alarm.

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This was a high speed rollover with parties trapped down an embankment in adverse conditions.

Learning points:

  • A rope was quickly deployed to make initial access to the scene and assist the flow of responders/equipment up and down the hill.
  • Mechanical advantage was not used because the grade of the hill did not call for it.
    • Low angle - You can readily walk up and down the hill but may slip and fall, injuries are not probable as a result. FF's do not need to be tied into the system but the backboard/Stokes may.
    • Steep angle - You can not walk readily up and down the hill, a slip and fall will result in injuries. FF's and the Stokes must be tied into the mainline and include a safety line.
    • High angle - These are essentially vertical, a slip and fall will result in extreme injuries or death. FF's and the Stokes must be tied into the mainline and include a safety line.
  • 2 FF's were assigned to set the R42 struts due to the unstable nature of the vehicle. A large picket was also driven through the undercarriage, behind the front bumper, to prevent the vehicle from sliding down further.