Training Facility


Our training facility houses a newly renovated 80-seat auditorium and a modern classroom. Our training grounds include a training tower, live burn building, SCBA training building, roof ventilation simulation structure, driving pad, and an indoor pavilion classroom.  South Metro Training also has a state of the art Command Training Center (CTC).

Resources such as these as well as an updated learning library in each fire station, e-learning tools, and training props; allow thousands of simulation scenarios, helping our firefighters in becoming the best they can be. The training facility is also available to rent for other fire districts and departments for the training of their members.  If interested in renting contact Training Bureau at 720-989-2360                                                          

Tri-level Class A Burn Building


5 Story Training Tower


SCBA Maze with collapsing floor prop                                                                


Driving/Skid pad


Command Training Center

IMG_2866    CTC1

CTC3    CTC2