Schedule Training

If you want to do training that involves going out of service, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Check the High Plains - Training Calendar* to see if it is open for your desired date.

~A maximum of 3 Engines, 2 Medics, 1 Tower, and 1 BC can be out of service at any one time. If a unit is on the schedule, but in service (pension visits), they do not count. .

~No Training can be scheduled if a 'Makeup Day' is listed in the High Plains Training Calendar.

If below the allowable 'out of service' limits after counting your unit(s), AND the desired day is not a ''Makeup' Day move to the next step.

2. Check the Event Calendar* to see if it is open for your desired date, time, and location. If your desired location is available, move to the next step.

*The High Plains Training Calendar and the Event Calendars can be found by visiting this link: http://q/Lists/All%20Events/calendar.aspx  (You MUST be on a station computer to access this link)

3. Contact your BC and get their permission to train. Give them an idea of what you are planning on doing, and how long you will be out of service. If your BC approves, move to step 4.

4. Complete the SMFR - Unsanctioned Training Request eForm, by clicking this button:



This is the fastest way to get your training scheduled as it hits all Training Officer’s mail boxes.

If you want to do training that does not involve going out of service,  just send a note to your BC so they know that you are training.