This Day in History August 2, 1978

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.30.57 PMOn August 2, 1978: 6 FDNY Firefighters were killed in the Line of Duty, and more than 35 injured, some seriously. Killed were covering Lt. James Cutillo 39, 33rd Battalion, Fr Charles Bouton 38, Ladder Co 156, Fr William O'Conner 29, Ladder Co 156, Fr James P McManus, 48, Ladder Co 153, Fr George Rice, 38, Ladder Co 153, Fr Harold F. Hastings, 40, Ladder Co 153.

While on the roof, with fire below, the roof collapsed, plunging 12 firefighters into the fire. The fire began in a hallway near the compressor room as crews were renovating the store, and quickly escalated to a fourth-alarm. Less than an hour after the fire was first reported, nearly 20 firefighters were on the roof when the central portion gave way.

Just prior to the collapse, Louise O'Conner, Wife of FF William O'Conner was at the scene of the fire with her 3 small children. While FF O'Conner was operating on the roof, he waved to his family, and then they waved back, then shortly thereafter the roof collapsed, taking her husbands, and the father of her children's life. Louis is an active member of the Fire Bell Club of FDNY.


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