tiger    IMG_0026

                              OG Green tiger

The story of "The Green Tiger".

The Safety Officers assigned to the Bureau are given a green tag to attach to their helmet shield to aid with accountability on emergency scenes. FF/Paramedic David "Sparky" Truax would always rib the Training Officers on scene for being "green taggers". After this went on for some time one of the Training Officers got to wondering why Sparky would call them all "Green Tigers"? Sparky laughed and pointed out the green accountability tags on the helmets and said, "Not Tigers, GREEN TAGGERS"! After a great laugh Sparky went back to Firehouse 47 and drew  up a draft of a logo based on The Flying Tigers fighter squadron from WWII.

And then was born... The Green Tigers.

The logo used today embraces many different meanings. Some are known, some remain merely lore.

Sparky is no longer with us but his quick wit and love for the job will always be present with The Green Tigers.