SMFR Ultrasound Deployment 8/2021

 Butterfly ultrasound equipment will be deployed to all Medic units on 8/19 and 8/20. Equipment includes: the probe, case, charging cradle, adapter, and cord. Scanning gel will be supplied by Logistics and can be found on the EMS shelves. Placement of the case holding the probe should be on the “action desk” near the LP15. Please leave the charged probe in the case in the medic unit. Supply the case with several packets of ultrasound gel for patient use.

  As with all new equipment there are several “rules of engagement”:

  1. The ultrasound probe should only be used by those trained in its use. If you have any questions regarding your qualifications, please contact me
  2. The biggest challenge with the probes is to keep them adequately charged and updated in our environment. I have attached the User Manual for reference along with a clip of the different charging cradles and probe orientation when being charged. I suggest fully charging once a tour.
  3. Updates happen with some frequency for both hardware and software – opening the Butterfly app and plugging the probe into the iPhone once a tour ensures it’s ready to go for patient use
  4. Once Tim Lone returns from vacation, he will assist with developing an “in Medic charging arrangement”. For now, charging in the station will be the process
  5. The probes will be delivered with a brief printed PowerPoint describing how to update the iPhones to the Emergency Medicine Cardiac Views. Many phones are already corrected, please confirm your iPhone app has these in the appropriate setting

  Ultimately, all transporting paramedics will be trained in ultrasound use. More classes will be coming later this year and early 2022. Practice in the station with all crew members is encouraged, again with the caveat that someone trained is present

  Please take care of the Butterfly probe and equipment. It is subject to all FDA requirements with regard to medical equipment, so if there is any issue not resolved with simple troubleshooting from the manual – contact myself or Tim Lone. With prolonged/continuous use the probes can get hot. If this happens please stop scanning and allow the probe to cool prior to re-using and evaluating readiness for use.Please clean the probe and cord after each use. The hydrogen peroxide wipes supplied by Logistics are the only approved cleaning method. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS OR OTHER CLEANING SOLUTIONS, they will destroy the probe. Please DO NOT decorate the probe or case with any stickers. The case will come with identifying information and a Medic Unit designation- not a vehicle designation. All Butterfly equipment is considered a transfer item when doing a vehicle change out, please move it with you. Medic Unit inventories will be updated shortly.

  Lastly, thank you for helping with this next step in our clinical skill set. Ultrasound scanning and interpretation is the only imaging tool we have in the pre-hospital environment, and its use will benefit our patient’s outcome and our decision making as we continue to develop our clinical acumen. As always, please call EMS with any questions.